Trader Joe's Is Selling Canned Wine

Meet Two-Buck Chuck's hipper cousin

To the boxed Chardonnay aficionados and 40-ounce rosé sippers of the world, meet your new favorite drinking buddy: Trader Joe's line of sparkling canned wine.

The cult-favorite grocery store announced it would be pricing the cans of Italian vino frizzante at—get this—$3.99 for a four-pack. The six-ounce refreshers, labeled Simpler Wines, come in two varieties: Simpler Wines White, which has flavors of "juicy honeydew and fresh cut herbs," and Simpler Wines Rosé, fragrant with "elegant, mineral notes and red fruit flavors."

Trader Joe's is betting Simpler Wines will hold up to even the best bottled counterpart (which, for some of us, is the Two-Buck just right down the aisle), but, of course, the biggest draw to these tidy cans is that they're much easier to take to a beach picnic or an outdoor party.

These colorful four-packs are now available in select stores across the country, meaning your weekly $50 grocery challenge just got a whole lot more exciting.

Correction: Simpler Wines is available in select Trader Joe's stores throughout the country, not just the Trader Joe's Union Square Wine Shop in New York City.