Best Pinterest Kitchen Hacks

Say goodbye to crowded spice racks and messy cabinets

If you love to cook as much as we do, you've probably accumulated more than a few tools, gadgets, dishes and cups over the years. These items can pile up pretty quickly, and areas can become crowded, especially in a cramped kitchen. But by implementing a couple of simple, budget-friendly changes, you can organize your life and maximize your space.

Here are five practical DIY ideas from Pinterest to help you get the most out of your kitchen.

Stack pans vertically.

Save precious cabinet room by stacking your baking and sheet pans vertically, which also makes it faster and easier to grab the exact one you need.

Hang up kitchen tools.

Kitchen drawers and countertops can easily become cluttered with large utensils, like spatulas and whisks, so get them out of the way by hanging them up inside your cabinets

Store dry goods in containers.

No one likes to open a cabinet and find a bag of sugar spilled everywhere. Stash products like flour, sugar, pasta, rice and cereal in tightly sealed mason jars or separate plastic containers instead of keeping them loose.

Create a magnetic spice rack.

Transfer your spices into small, labeled bottles and attach magnetic tape to the back of each one. Then, just stick them to the front of the fridge, oven or any other metal appliance. And while you're at it, you might want to check to see if any of those precious spices have sadly expired

Put mugs on display.

Adorable as they might be, coffee cups take up quite a bit of space and aren't easily stackable. A painless solution is to display them on a homemade hanging rack or shelving unit. This genius hack also allows you to show off your extensive mug collection.

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