Is Alton Brown 'Smart Enough' For Bill Nye's Show?

Brown jokes he isn't smart enough to be a guest

Both science and food nerds alike rejoiced when word spread that Alton Brown, our favorite food scientist, would be a guest on Bill Nye's new Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves the World. Those dreams have been brought to an abrupt halt after learning Brown will appear only in the introduction of episode five, not as a full guest (we'll still be binge-watching the entire series though). "I think I was deemed not young, hip or smart enough," Brown tells People. Huh?!

The Iron Chef America, Cutthroat Kitchen, Good Eats and now Iron Chef Gauntlet host originally appeared on the trailer along with other highly anticipated guests like Karlie Kloss, Diamond Stone, Tim Gunn, Donald Faison, Joel McHale and even Steve Aoki. "I think everyone in that show is just so gosh darn smart that they probably decided, 'He's not really as smart as you think, let's get rid of that guy,'" he jokes to People.

The show will cover everything from sex to GMOs to global warming, with one food-focused episode featuring singing kale taking on calories, fad diets and nutrition.  

Though he may not be a guest star on the show, he's still the main man in our books. After all, whether he's planning his future coffee shop or hosting a web version of Good Eats, 2017 is still the year of Alton Brown.