How To Crack An Egg

Just follow our eggs-pert advice

Knowing how to crack an egg properly is one of most essential kitchen skills, but even the most seasoned home cook manages to let a few pieces of shell escape into their bowl from time to time. And the sad truth is, if your cake batter comes out with even a few crunchy fragments, you're faced with starting the whole thing over. So what's an aspiring culinary whiz to do?

To avoid getting pesky shells in your food, always crack your egg on a flat surface.

Striking the egg on a countertop or other hard surface before pouring it into your recipe allows the shell to split more evenly and helps to avoid small pieces from making their way into your bowl. Another pro tip is to drop the egg into separate bowl first, so if any bits of shell do happen to fall in, you won't ruin your dish.

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