Great Rosé Now Comes In 40-Ounce Bottles

Summer can't come soon enough

Wine stores in New York, California and a few other states are now stocking rosé 40s, essentially 40-ounce beer bottles (yes, the kind used to play Edward Fortyhands) filled with summer's essential drink, according to Delish. It's easy to write this off as a hipster craze that's part fun and part painful (not unlike spaghetti doughnuts), but these $16 bottles have serious pedigree.

Patrick Cappiello, the sommelier and co-owner of Rebelle, as well as the late, great Pearl & Ash, worked with French winemaker Julien Braud on the bottles. Perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised that Cappiello is breaking molds with his latest project, which also includes 40s of Muscadet. A major force in New York's wine scene, Cappiello has a nontraditional streak—the walls of Rebelle's wine cellar are plastered with black-and-white posters advertising rock shows at places like CBGB.

Those looking to sip on the rosé all summer should probably stock up now. The team produced only 1,200 cases of the 2016 vintage.