Delta Will Serve Free In-Flight Meals

This is a major upgrade from the days of peanuts and pretzels

Forget free peanuts and pretzels. Starting April 24, Delta will serve free, fresh meals on 12 select cross-country flight routes in 10 major markets, Travel + Leisure reports.

The complimentary bites will be offered on flights from Boston to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle; from Washington DCA airport to LAX; from New York JFK to Portland, Oregon, San Diego and Seattle; and on flights from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Raleigh-Durham.

For breakfast, lucky fliers can choose between a honey maple breakfast sandwich, a continental breakfast, or a fruit and cheese plate. For lunch, Delta will offer wraps and sandwiches, and for red-eye flights, there will be a breakfast bar.

Competition in the airline industry is fierce, so it is no surprise that the meals are being offered on routes where Delta faces some of the toughest competition. Weeks after the service originally beta launched in March, American Airlines announced that it, too, would offer free food on select domestic routes.

So skip the expensive airport breakfast options and give yourself a little more time to sleep in. There's nothing that goes better with an in-flight Bloody Mary than a free breakfast. Leggings optional.