An NYC Pharmacy Has A Drinks + Drugs Menu

Cure your ailments with kombucha on tap at Stanley's Pharmacy

Take everything you know about ordinary pharmacies—sorry, CVS and Duane Reade—and toss it. From the bright-orange storefront to the Drinks + Drugs menu, Stanley's Pharmacy in NYC's Lower East Side is flipping the script. And with a New Age take on an old-school pharmacy and soda fountain, this independent shop is not your mama's drugstore.

Inside, you'll find a bright, cheerful space, replete with a DJ booth (great music is a constant), a colorful beach mural and the shop's signature wellness bar—a throwback to 19th-century pharmacy remedy bars.

The visionary behind Stanley's is the pharmacy's namesake, Stanley George, a student of both Western and Ayurvedic medicine. In 2013, the Bronx-born pharmacist (and avid guitarist) left L.A. (where he'd been filling scripts for Hollywood's elite) to open his shop on the corner of Ludlow and Hester Streets, and the joint has been rockin' ever since.  

In addition to OTC and prescription meds, Stanley's, which proudly bills itself as a "health oasis," also sells vitamins, supplements and holistic remedies (think: ingestibles, medicinal teas and herbal tinctures), and natural beauty products.

Then there's the wellness bar, which offers a variety of "curative cocktails," in Stanley's parlance: everything from seasonal kombuchas and fresh-pressed juices to artisanal sodas and healing tonics.

Stanley's lineup of custom drinks is meant to help with whatever ails you. For upset stomachs, there's a ginger-turmeric shot, or the Tummy Tonic, homemade ginger ale with citrus bitters and fresh ginger juice; for hangovers, there's a Detox Rx tea; and for an a.m. pick-me-up, the Black Magik, a blend of raw coconut water and cold-brew coffee. Adventurous drinkers will no doubt gravitate toward the Space Juice, a "cosmic refresher" that's made with kombucha with volcanic algae—if that's not something to Instagram in this wellness-obsessed era, we're not sure what is.