White Gold Butchers Eyes Expansion

More neighborhoods need good butchers, Ken Friedman says

When April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman, the duo behind some of New York's most beloved restaurants and burgers, announced they were headed to the Upper West Side to open a butcher shop and restaurant called White Gold with Erika Nakamura and Jocelyn Guest, many were puzzled. The neighborhood isn't known as a dining destination. But as Friedman tells Tasting Table, there was a need both for a solid dining option and a butcher in a neighborhood where residents buy most of their meat from supermarkets instead of traditional butcher shops.

The Upper West Side isn't the only area in the city Friedman thinks could benefit from a butcher. "It feels like we can do more [locations]. . . . There are plenty of neighborhoods in New York that are underserved," the restaurateur says. He doesn't know where yet, but it will likely be in New York, where he and Bloomfield are based (though they're in the process of opening a restaurant in Los Angeles). "We need to grow up before doing one outside of New York," he adds.