This Pop-Up Café Serves Up Naps And Coffee

Tokyo's newest nap café sounds heavenly

Sometimes, a cup of coffee midafternoon is simply not enough to get us through the day. Now, a café in Tokyo has a solution: a two-hour nap. The outpost of Nescafé in the Harajuku district has installed a nap zone with 10 beds, RocketNews24 reports.

Any customers who buys at least one item from the café are allowed to take a snooze. In addition to their order, they're handed a cup of decaf pre-nap and a cup of regular for afterward, to help them rise from their slumber. As for the nap itself, guests settle in on luxury reclining beds from France Bed Co. that retail for around $9,000 each. They're even given headphones to help them drift off to sleep.

This isn't the first sleep café to open in Tokyo. Cozy spots like this have been around for the past several years, but these beds are better designed for a long rest, as opposed to the hammocks or reclining chairs offered at other cafés.

It's hard to imagine the trend spreading to the U.S., but it's certainly something we'll be daydreaming about during our 3 p.m. coffee break.