Alcoholic Cold Brew Is Coming

A new brand of spiked cold brew combines booze and caffeine into one very stiff drink

Ever gotten the urge to feel a little tipsy and unpleasantly jittery at the same time? We haven't either. Still, there's a drink for that.

This May, Bad Larry's Cold Hard Coffee will become the first-ever alcoholic cold brew to hit stores, Foodbeast reports. The canned beverage will be about as alcoholic as your average beer (6 percent ABV) but will also contain double the caffeine of an average eight-ounce cup of coffee, at a whopping 180 milligrams a can.

Time reports that the locally sourced cold brew from coffee brewer Blackeye Roasting Co. will be steeped, infused with nitrogen and added to malt liquor before being canned.

The buzzy beverage, which follows recent hype over non-alcoholic products like wine-infused and Jack Daniel's-infused coffees, will be available only in the Midwest, at least at first.

While the Internet may be ablaze with excitement over booze and caffeine combinations like this one, we have a lot of questions. When is the average person meant to drink this beverage? Should we be aiming for very tipsy (but productive) mornings or just extremely enthusiastic nights out? Either way, we urge the brave souls downing these beverages to drink responsibly.