Why You Need A Cocktail Muddler

If you're telling yourself that this is the year you want to get serious about creating craft cocktails at home, there are a variety of tools you need to stock your home bar. Of course, there's the classic cocktail shaker, jigger, bar spoon and classy cocktail glasses, but there's one other essential bar tool that is often overlooked: the humble but mighty cocktail muddler.

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Muddling fruit, spices and herbs is the perfect way to add flavor and color to a drink. This walnut or maple cocktail muddler from American Heirloom can be customized with a personal engraving to make sure no one swipes it in their purse at the end of the night. The rubber tip allows you to gently push down on your herbs to release flavors and aromas without crushing them.

Once you've got your muddler in hand, you can try out one of our delicious cocktails that requires muddling, such as a minty mojito, cucumber gin gimlet or luau basil cocktail. Happy muddlin'.

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