Cardinal Spirits' Beautiful Bottles

These bottles caught our eye, but the spirits kept our attention

If you ever purchase alcohol based on the look and feel of the bottle, you're not alone. Eye-catching labels draw us in, because that's what they're made for, but it's the taste of the spirit inside that keeps us coming back for more. And that's exactly what happened when we discovered Cardinal Spirits, a craft distillery and cocktail bar in Bloomington, Indiana. Take one look at the bottles, and you'll see why they caught our attention.

"Cofounder Adam Quirk and a local designer came up with the packaging. It's smart and clean and very authentic," Jeff Wuslich, cofounder of Cardinal Spirits, shares.

The company started out distilling vodka on-site by using white grapes from its home state. The founders put a huge emphasis on local sourcings. "We really wanted to make something that we could hold in our hand and really showcase as many local ingredients as possible," Wuslich says.

After vodka, Cardinal Spirits turned to gin, coffee liqueur and then infused vodka. We here at TT are big fans of the black raspberry Bramble vodka—the perfect base for a Moscow Mule.

You can purchase the spirits online and check out a slew of creative cocktail recipes for each spirit. Just don't throw away the bottles when you're done mixing drinks.

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