Never Miss A Flight Again With TripIt

TripIt is the travel companion we've always needed

No matter how much you consider yourself a globe-trotter or travel bug, it's safe to assume you don't actually enjoy the process of hopping on a plane. Getting to the airport is an unpredictable experience, and anyone who's had to sprint through the terminal with an oversize backpack can tell you it does not make for a pleasant memory—or a good Instagram photo.

But thanks to a new update from travel app TripIt, being left at the boarding gate is an experience that will live on only in our nightmares.

The new Go Now feature tells you the perfect time to catch your flight based on your plane's status, surrounding traffic conditions and current location, Condé  Nast Traveler reports. Perfect if you're navigating Tokyo's convoluted subway map for the first time or just tend to have an awful sense of time management.

Photo: Courtesy of TripIt

A slew of other tricks makes TripIt the comprehensive travel buddy we never knew we needed, including organizing all your hotel and flight confirmation emails into an easy-to-read schedule and saving digital copies of important travel documents both on- and offline. 

Though you have to be a premium subscriber for TripIt to show the scary countdown clock warning you to leave for the airport, the paltry $49 annual fee is well worth not having to pay for that extra plane ticket.