How To Repurpose Leftovers Video

Put last night's odds and ends to good use

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who welcome leftovers with open arms knowing exactly how they'll reinvent the bounty of excess and those who eyeball the remains in their fridge for days, unsure of what to do with all that extra steak or meat loaf. Fear not, we're here to help. And we've even brought help from Harold's Meat + Three.

Here are seven ways to give leftovers new life.

Use last night's steak for potpie.

Take a note from Harold Moore of Harold's Meat + Three in NYC as we watch him throw together a rich potpie with leftover prime rib and vegetables from the crisper. See the video for all his tips. 

Put an egg IN your pizza.

This is the only way to warm up that remaining Sicilian-style slice hanging out in the fridge.

Mashed potatoes make for dreamy gnocchi.

Having leftover mashed potatoes means you're one step closer to a bowl of pillowy gnocchi just waiting for a drizzle of brown butter.

Extra meat loaf means easy meat sauce.

You're only 30 minutes away from the easiest Bolognese.

You can never have too much ham.

It's true. There are endless ways to use up that perfect pile of pork. Here are three: 

Stock up.

Never throw out your Parmesan rinds. Store them in the freezer and once you've hoarded enough, make the most flavorful broth around.

So many herbs, so little time.

You bought the biggest, most beautiful bunch of parsley, then used about three sprigs. Here are a few ways to use the rest before it wilts into oblivion.