Why Lidl Coming To The U.S. Is Good News

The German supermarket will sell quality products at affordable prices

Soon, there will be a new grocery store in town. German supermarket chain Lidl announced earlier this month that it plans to open 100 stores on the East Coast by mid-2018, and ultimately as many as 600 stores across the U.S. The first outposts will arrive this summer in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The news has caused a stir; here's a look at why:

① Lidl describes itself as a cross between Trader Joe's and Harris Teeter, which means it sells solid brands at low prices.

② In the U.S., the company will focus on locally sourced products like wine and coffee, Yahoo reports.

③ Lidl is the latest in a string of companies entering the U.S. grocery market. Whole Foods is expanding its affordable counterpart, 365, while Amazon is experimenting with automated grocery stores, which will allow customers to simply turn on an app, walk in and walk out with their purchases, and let the app handle payment. All of these could be a boon to home cooks, allowing those who are short on time to shop quickly and those short on funds to access a wider range of ingredients.

④ In Europe, Lidl sells discounted booze like Jeeves, a Pimm's knockoff, for as little as six pounds a liter. Hello, happy hour.

⑤ It's about more than just food; there are elements of Lidl in Europe that sound a bit like H&M. The company sells a line of discounted clothing for men and women. When the women's line first launched in 2014, it sold out in three days.

The details on what Lidl will sell at its first U.S. outposts are scant at the moment, but stay tuned.