Watch The New 'Chef's Table' Trailer

Travel to Moscow, South Korea and around the U.S.

The new season of Chef's Table, the hit Netflix series that takes viewers into some of the most adventurous high-end kitchens around the globe, is almost here. Season three lands on Friday, February 17, just in time for a Presidents' Day viewing marathon.

To whet viewers' appetites, the team has released a trailer that highlights the season's chefs: Berlin's Tim Raue, Moscow's Vladimir Mukhin, Peru's Virgilio Martinez, California's Nancy Silverton and New York's Ivan Orkin, who opens things by saying, "I'm a go-fuck-yourself kind of guy. I make food that I want to eat, and I've never made any apologies."

There is also an episode dedicated to a Buddhist nun in South Korea, Jeong Kwan, who cooks for her monastery and at times some of the best chefs in the world, but doesn't consider herself a chef.

There's no word yet on whether a fourth season is in the works, so we'll enjoy this virtual culinary trip while we can.