Whole Foods Now Has A Produce Butcher

The grocery chain now has a produce butcher to chop fruits and vegetables for you

Home cooks, please pack up your knives and go. Thanks to one NYC Whole Foods location, chopping your own fruits and vegetables could be a thing of the past.

The beloved grocery chain opened a new Bryant Park store just last week and with it debuted its first produce butcher who will chop your produce for you in-store, as reported by Foodbeast and Business Insider.

For just $1 a pound, or individually priced item, the butchery expert will cut your fruits and vegetables any way you choose, from diced butternut squash for your favorite purée to julienne carrots and cucumbers for a salad.

We know what you're thinking: Does it really take that much effort to cut produce at home? Although the service might seem largely unnecessary, Foodbeast points out the benefits for the elderly or disabled, who might not be able to complete the task on their own.

Even some members of our team are on board, citing the unnecessarily long prep time inexperienced cooks regularly face in preparing a meal.

No word yet on whether this butchery service will make its way to other Whole Foods locations, but in the meantime, brush up on your own knife skills with these tips.