5 Genius Instant Pot Recipes

While we're sure you're very familiar with the Instant Pot's ability to revolutionize weeknight meals and perfect steel-cut oats, you'll be happy to learn that everyone's favorite kitchen gadget still has a few more tricks up its shiny stainless-steel sleeve. So if you're scratching your head at what to make next, keep that pressure cooker love alive with these brilliant Instant Pot hacks.

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① Hard-Boiled Eggs

If Alton Brown says steaming is the best way to hard-boil eggs, then you better bet we'll be steaming them by the dozen. Place the eggs on the rack, add a few inches of water to your pot and all that sunny-yolked, easy-to-peel goodness will soon be ready for your weekly lunch bags. 

② Speedy Dried Beans

Fact: Rehydrated beans taste better than canned beans. Also fact: We're still too lazy to soak those dried beans. Thankfully, your pressure cooker can churn out a bag of dried (and unsoaked!) legumes within an hour. So you can stop settling for those gloopy pinto beans already.

③ Dulce de Leche

In just 15 minutes, a bounty of thick, caramel-y spread will be at your sticky-fingered disposal. Spread this delicious dulce de leche on ice cream, brownies or—our favorite—an oversize spoon. 

④ Velvety Cheesecakes

Not all desserts are suited for pressure cooking, but cheesecakes make for perfect Instant Pot fodder since they thrive in a steamy cooking environment. And now you don't have to wait hours before you can indulge: The speedy countertop cooker can whip up your favorite rich dessert in under 30 minutes flat.

⑤ Fresh-Baked Breads

With the help of a heatproof container—an old coffee can works great—and your favorite quick-bread recipe, you'll be munching on soft, fluffy, homemade slices in less time it takes to wait for a second rise.