2017's Coolest Kitchen Gadgets

The Jetsons have nothing on this year's Consumer Electronics Show

Peering into cooking's crystal ball is a tricky task. Up until a few years ago, we never thought Michelin-level machines like consumer-grade sous-vide cookers would top everyone's Christmas lists, or that pressure cookers would make an illustrious electronic comeback in the form of the humble Instant Pot.

So it's always fascinating—or at least entertaining—to see what the Consumer Electronics Show's set of mad culinary scientists have in store for us each year. And while you might find the occasional head-scratcher (we're looking at you, giant TV refrigerators), we can't wait to get our garlic-stained hands on these six innovative kitchen tools.

① Opn

Forget about using your bookshelf for, well, books. Pernod Ricard, the distiller behind mega brands like Absolut and Jameson, is drumming up the world's first computer-powered home bar and cocktail maker. With Opn, drinkers can pour their favorite spirits inside a collection of book-shaped cartridges, set them on a sharply designed docking shelf and receive the perfect pour for whatever cocktail they're shaking up via a handy iPad app.


② Alexa Updates

While Amazon's game-changing Alexa has been around awhile, appliance manufacturers like Whirlpool and GE have been hard at work integrating the smart device into their latest appliances. Soon, you'll be able to ask Alexa to start the dishwasher and keep an eye on your chocolate chip cookies while you make a last-minute milk run. 

③ Mykie  

Short for "my kitchen elf," Mykie has turned the lofty idea of a countertop kitchen robot into an adorable must-have. Not only is the device able to communicate with your home appliances, it also incorporates a built-in wall projector for step-by-step cooking directions.

④ GeniCan

Wave your food packaging's barcode in front of this garbage can clip-on, and once it gets thrown away, GeniCan will add it to either an Amazon shopping list or a grocery list saved to your phone. You can also use its voice-recognition feature to manually add items, so you better start working on your best Oscar the Grouch impression now.

⑤ Hello Egg

Joining the cuddly-kitchen-robot race is Hello Egg, a voice-operated kitchen assistant that makes weekly meal plans based off your personal eating habits. Aside from ordering your groceries, you can also ask the little guy about the weather or to walk you through a series of recipes via its built-in digital screen.

⑥ New-Concept Flat-Top Cooker

This brilliantly adapted microwave looks like a regular dining room table but acts like professional hibachi grill. To use, the consumer simply sets a plateful of ingredients onto the table, and once the custom glass lids make contact on the surface, dinner begins cooking right before diners' eyes, while the rest of the table remains at a perfect elbow-resting temperature. Alas, since this stylish double agent is still in the beta phase, it'll be a few years before it comes for our trusty stoves.