The 9 Best Super Bowl Food Ads


Super Bowl Sunday can be a fairly divisive event—it's either your favorite holiday or the day you keep asking about the difference between a fumble and a forward pass. For those who fall in the latter group, at least you have bottomless tubs of guacamole and, more importantly, a set of supremely memorable commercials to get you through this yearly sports fest.

For the past 50 years, advertisers have been shelling out top dollar to reach the Super Bowl's 114 million chip-munching viewers. And while this year's commercials, including Budweiser's boundary-pushing heart-warmer and Wendy's thinly veiled Twitter beef reference, are already making a splash on social media, it's the timeless ads of years past that remind us why we love the big game. Here are the nine commercials that kept both the pigskin passionate and the football-illiterate glued to the screen.

① Snickers - Betty White (2010)

② Budweiser - Wassup? (1999)

③ Tabasco- Mosquito (1998)

④ Doritos - Keep Yo' Hands Off (2010)

⑤ Wendy's - Where's the Beef? (1984)

⑥ McDonald's - The Showdown (1993)

⑦ Coca-Cola - Mean Joe Greene (1979)

⑧ Pepsi - Your Cheatin' Heart (1996)

⑨ Budweiser - Best Buds (2015)