Best Good Eats Moments With Alton Brown

Because one can never have enough Alton Brown

It's all too easy to rely on the same recipes we've been perfecting since we were old enough to see over the kitchen counter, never questioning if our way is the best way to make beef stew, fried chicken or mac and cheese. But it's high time we take a page out of Alton Brown's book and give those belly-warming dishes a serious look.

In his uber-popular Food Network series, Good Eats (which he's bringing back online), the food science buff routinely revealed all the cooking secrets necessary to get us through the winter. Let's review . . .

① Meat Loaf

② Beef Stew

③ Panfried Chicken

④ French Toast

⑤ Mac and Cheese

⑥ Sour Cream Cheesecake