This 'Game Of Thrones' Bar Is A Fan's Dream

If you're convinced you could outdrink Tyrion, this is your chance

Lannisters and Targaryens, rejoice. Thanks to a company called The Pop Up Geeks across the pond, a truly magical Game of Thrones pop-up bar has made itself known in Edinburgh. As far as we can tell, it does the epic series proud.

As BuzzFeed Food reports, Blood & Wine (as the bar is so aptly called) is located "in the medieval-looking, candlelit basement of the Daylight Robbery bar" every Wednesday and Thursday through (at least) the end of January. The bar is, of course, heavily equipped with GOT-themed decor and drinks, because, as The Pop Up Geeks put it, "a huge amount of alcohol is required to help peasants and lords alike through the woes of life in Westeros."

The walls are adorned with wanted posters and the space filled with furs, candles, warrior shields and (hopefully not very sharp) swords for selfie perfection.

Photo: The Pop Up Geeks via Facebook

Drink selections include Tyroshi Pear Brandy, Old Bear's Hot Spiced Wine and plenty more wine, including a bold red entitled The Imp's Delight. BuzzFeed also reports that the pop-up offers food, from meat-filled Frey Pies to Sansa's Lemon Cakes, and that all selections are painstakingly faithful to the books' descriptions.

The Pop Up Geeks don't plan to stop there though. According to the group's website, Edinburgh can expect Harry Potter- and The Walking Dead-themed pop-up bars in the near future, giving us just one more reason to book that ticket to Scotland.

Valar morghulis, friends.