How To Make The Crispiest Bacon

Put the skillet down, turn up the oven and feed a crowd

If you've been frying bacon in a skillet your whole life, you're not alone. We were once like you, but then a better method came into the picture, and we never looked back. Join us.

Cook bacon in the oven.

Yes, it's time to stop frying and start baking. This is the way it's done in most restaurant kitchens, because it allows for cooking big batches. It also keeps the burners free for other items and creates less mess. You can forget all about splatter.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, cooking bacon in the oven is great for getting extra-crispy bacon if you use a wire rack. Yes, you can cook it directly on a sheet pan, but here's a pro tip: If you place the strips on top of a rack first, the bacon won't soak in its own grease and will turn out crispier in the end.

Watch the video above for a quick demonstration, and for the rest of your days, bake that bacon.