Fruit Dessert Recipes

Move over, chocolate

If you're eating fruit, you're being healthy. Even if it's a delicious rhubarb pound cake. That's what we like to tell ourselves, anyway . . .

Fruit-based desserts are the perfect treat, because they can be enjoyed anytime of year. No one can resist a slice of warm apple pie on a blustery January night or a frozen watermelon Popsicle on a sweltering summer day. No matter the occasion, the sweet after-dinner delight will always taste better with a touch of ripe, seasonal fruit.

Take a break from the chocolate ganache and set your sights on these nine easy fruit-based desserts. They're sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

① Ina Garten's Apple Pie Bars

② Strawberry Shortcake

③ Huckleberry Cobbler

④ White Chocolate-Watermelon Pops

⑤ Upside-Down Pineapple Granola Bars

⑥ Rhubarb Pound Cake with Black Tea Cream

⑦ Bananas Foster

⑧ Apple Galette

⑨ Watermelon Granita