Get Paid To Go To The Caribbean

2017 is looking better by the day

As if you needed another reason to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands, this year, you could actually get paid to do so. Saint Thomas, Saint John and Saint Croix, three of the loveliest islands on earth if you care about pristine beaches and crystal clear water, are offering travelers a bonus:

They're giving $300 to visitors who stay on any of the islands for three consecutive nights in 2017.

The handout is in honor of the 100th anniversary of Transfer Day, when Denmark handed over control of the islands to the U.S. for a cool $25 million. Typically, the islands celebrate with parades and music, but this year, they're handing out big bucks.

You can book anytime before October 1, 2017, and travel anytime within the calendar year. The catch in paradise? You won't receive cold hard cash, but a travel voucher to explore "Historical/Cultural Tours and Activities." No complaints here.

As Condé Nast Traveler notes, "You can sometimes find flight deals from the East Coast down to the USVI for as low as $300, you could essentially find yourself getting reimbursed for your transit." Add to that all the affordable housing options, if you know where to look, and your Caribbean vacation is looking more affordable than ever. Consider Saint John's Cinnamon Bay Campground, for example, where the adventurous can spend the night for next to nothing. Or check out the growing number of Airbnbs in the Caribbean.

As the temperature drops across the country, that tropical vacation is going to sound pretty great—and it just got way more affordable.