Join This Cookbook Club On Facebook

It's a digital dinner party, and everyone's invited

If your New Year's resolutions include both "cook more" and "actually read a book," here's a way to kill two birds with one stone.

Join Tasting Table's free Cookbook Club on Facebook to follow along as we cook through a different cookbook each month, strengthening our home-cooking skills as we go. Each week, we'll challenge you to make at least one recipe from the featured book, available on Amazon or at your local library. And, hey, if you're feeling ambitious, you can take the ultimate leap and whip up as many recipes from the book as you can.

Each month, we'll highlight a different cookbook, whether it's something hot off the presses like Ina Garten's Cooking for Jeffrey or a beloved classic like Julia Child's In My French Kitchen. Members can post pictures of their dishes, share thoughts about the book and trade cooking tips (too much cumin? not enough cheese?) right on the group's page. And at the end of the month, it'll be up to you to help us choose the next book.

Not only will you get a community of like-minded people for crowdsourcing and inspiration, but we'll also give you a heads up on the latest cookbook news, as well as provide general cooking tips and tricks. You're going to have to BYO cookies and tea to this (virtual) party . . . but we think you'll be able to handle that.

Want to follow along? Use the hashtag #TTCookbookClub on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see what we're cooking and share your creations.