JetBlue Free December Flight Holiday Contest 2018

Still trying to go home for the holidays? Jump on this.

If you've procrastinated over buying your tickets home for the holidays, JetBlue has you coveredand you don't have to fret over already-exorbitant flight costs. The airline recently launched its Go Get Gifted contest, which will give five lucky winners the chance to fly home for free on December 24.

You can even pick how you want to be gift-wrapped ("The Mummy" and "The Burrito" are solid choices), and whether you want the bow on top of your head, wrapped around your neck like a fancy bow tie or slapped onto the middle of your face. Add in a 280-character statement about "why you'd make the fly-est gift," and its one of the easiest ways to hopefully score a free trip

The holiday flight contest, which is open for entry until December 12, also doubles as a way to get out of shopping for a last minute gift. Because everyone knows your presence is the real present. 


This article was originally published by Devra Ferst on 12/5/2016, and was updated with new information by Abby Reisner on 11/30/2018.