A Thanksgiving Menu For Two

Make a Thanksgiving feast for two

Not every Thanksgiving has to be a big family affair.

People celebrate all sorts of ways. So maybe this year you want to slow down. Keep it small. Keep it simple.

We like the idea of showing that special someone—who could be your friend, coworker, relative, whoever you choose—that you're grateful for their presence in your life by celebrating a quiet Thanksgiving à deux.

Food Editor Andy Baraghani created a cozy menu for two people that's more interesting than traditional turkey—and a heck of a lot more luxurious.

Here's how it's done: Let the aroma of a crème fraîche–marinated rabbit stew (see the recipe) fill your kitchen. Pour some wine while you coax the flavors of bacon, quince, thyme, bay leaf and orange peel into the brothy one-pot dish.

When the lovely flavors have melded together, serve the stew with big hunks of crusty bread to mop up that infused liquid. Toss together a crisp salad of paper-thin apples, radishes and fennel (see the recipe). Crunch through the hazelnuts on your plate, pour more wine, repeat.

For dessert, whip up two maple pots de crème (see the recipe), which you can make ahead and have in the fridge for a grand reveal. Dust each dreamy custard with a little cocoa and spike clouds of fresh whipped cream with bourbon to finish them off. Might as well pour yourself a glass while you're at it, and hand one to your companion.

Because nothing says #grateful like bourbon.

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