15 Labor Day Party Hacks

From a one-ingredient steak marinade to a trick for chilling beer, here are our favorite summer hacks

It's Labor Day weekend, and all we can think is, How did we get here? The season flew by, as it always does, but it isn't over yet. This long weekend is about making summer count, so we've rounded up our favorite tips, tricks and techniques to help you be that summer hero—while you still can.

Fire up the grill, crack open the cooler and get ready for your best weekend yet, Labor Day edition. The party's just starting.

All Up in Your Grill
Clearly, you'll be spending a good chunk of time manning—or at least observing—the grill. Here's the best way we've found to grill cauliflower and corn—and how to get rid of the mess when you're done.

How to Cook a Whole Cauliflower on the Grill:

The Best Way to Grill Corn:

The Best and Fastest Way to Clean a Grill:

Meat Talk
If you've got meat on the brain this weekend, you're not alone. Here's a marinade that's about to blow your mind, an equally surprising trick for tenderizing meat and two cooking tips you'll use all year long.

The One-Ingredient Marinade You Should Use on Your Steak:

A Household Ingredient to Make Meat More Tender:

The Most Important Step to Take When You Finish Cooking Meat:

How to Keep Your Meat from Sticking to the Pan:

Drinks or It Didn't Happen
Don't settle for a subpar beverage situation this weekend. Learn how to chill beer in record time (we're talking mere minutes, people), and while you're at it, bring that wine down to temp quickly, too. If cocktails are your jam, learn how to master the art of muddling and forge a punch bowl out of a tropical fruit, because you can.

How to Turbo-Chill Your Beer:

A Simple Trick for Cooling Down Wine Even Faster:

How to Make a Punch Bowl Out of a Pineapple: 

The Right Way to Muddle Your Cocktails:

The Sweetest Thing
It isn't summer if you aren't eating as much ice cream, pie and fresh berries as possible, and we've got the scoop on all things seasonal. Here's the best way to cut an ice cream cake, store your berries and prep that pie for your summer haul.

How to Cut an Ice Cream Cake:

How to Keep Berries Fresher Longer:

Everything You Need to Know About Blind-Baking:

What to Use If You Don't Have Pie Weights: