How To Cut An Ice Cream Cake

Never struggle with that beautiful, frozen dessert again

An ice cream cakes can be a showstopper. Whether it's a six-layer mint and Oreo cake or a salted caramel icebox cake, the colorful, layered frozen treats kick any party into high gear. That is, unless you can't cut into it because it's rock solid, or wait too long to slice it and it melts all over the place.

The trick for cutting an ice cream cake while it's still frozen is to use a warm knife.

It sounds simple, because it is, but this little trick makes all the difference. Here's how to keep the knife warm and the cake cutting moving.

① Run a chef's knife under warm water.

② Moisten a dish towel with warm water and keep it at the ready by your side.

③ Slice into the cake with the warm, wet knife.

④ After each slice, wipe the knife with the warm towel to keep it clean and keep it warm.

Just be prepared to assume all cake-cutting responsibilities at any birthday party you attend from here on out. The upshot? You'll get to divvy up the best slice for yourself.