Video: How To Make A Pie Version Of The Taglongs® Girl Scout Cook

With Girl Scout cookie season currently in full swing, we were inspired to make a Samoas®-inspired Bundt cake. Because if there's anything better than a small cookie, it's a giant cake inspired by that cookie.

Then we thought, What else could we magnify? With their crunchy cookie bottoms, peanut butter layers and chocolate coating, Tagalongs® seemed like the ultimate choice.

For our Tagalongs®-inspired peanut butter-chocolate pie, we made a graham cracker crust and lined a pie plate, then topped that with a sweetened peanut butter cream and a saucy chocolate ganache. For a salted chocolate twist, we sprinkled it with flaky salt. Just like its cookie inspiration, it will satisfy any chocolate-peanut butter craving.

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