The Secret Ingredient For Amazing Roasted Vegetables

A simple splash makes vegetables taste better than ever

Some days, we just don't want to eat our vegetables.

A handful of raw carrots or a bowl of sad, steamed broccoli never really got anybody's blood pumping. While popping vegetables in the oven can often lead to more pleasing results (especially when that cauliflower gets a little caramelized and the onions char just right), roasted vegetables could often stand to be a bit more flavorful.

The classic combo of olive oil, salt and pepper makes for a great roasting base, but the addition of another pantry staple can push those vegetables over the edge every time.

Coat your vegetables in a few splashes of vinegar before roasting.

The harsh acidity will completely cook away during the roasting process, but the end result is incredibly flavorful vegetables with a savory sweetness and an extra kick. Any type of vinegar does the trick, from balsamic to apple cider to red wine, but the slight flavor variations add new dimensions to whatever you're roasting.

It may not be a revolutionary idea, but it's beautiful in its simplicity—and can be easily accomplished with an ingredient you have at home. Hey, even Jamie Oliver swears by it.