Easy Mayonnaise Steak Marinade Recipe

This mayonnaise steak marinade is the most flavorful rub yet

Cooking crisp, flavorful steak doesn't have to be a crapshoot. There's an easy way to take your grill game from good to great, and you likely already have the secret ingredient in your refrigerator. No, it's not steak sauce or any marinade you find in a bottle (though you can actually make it at home). So what is it?

For max flavor, use mayonnaise as steak marinade.

Stay with us—here's why you shouldn't be afraid of the classic white spread.

① Fat = flavor. It's like oiling the pan but without the middleman.

 Think of it like a wet brine. Add your favorite dry rub to the mayo or simply season with salt and pepper. The mayo will suspend the spices, so they don't fall off.

 It helps create a thick crust, sealing in flavor and giving optimal char.

Besides, many of the best steak sauces use mayonnaise as an ingredient already—so you're really just getting a leg up on the game.