An Easy Tip For How To Keep Your Oven Clean

The simple trick to avoid ever having to clean your oven

It's enough cleaning your dishes after a night of cooking—the last thing you want is to spend an hour scrubbing food remains from the oven as well, Cinderella-style. The next time you're making a particularly cheesy casserole, save yourself the future work with this easy tip:

Place a cookie sheet on the rack below a messy dish.

Here's why it's the way to go:

 It's much simpler to wash a removable pan than to awkwardly maneuver around a fixed oven.

 It does double duty: Try cooking broccoli on the pan as it's catching drips from roasting sweet potatoes above. Nothing goes to waste, and your vegetables taste like candy.  

 That "burnt" smell is much tougher to dispel than physical remnants.

The next time your pie runneth over, you won't be stuck with charred sweet-tart cherry filling in your oven for years to come.