How To Add Flavor To Your Grains

A simple way to add more flavor to your grains

You've been told to cook grains in stock for added flavor or to use coconut milk for an extra-creamy taste. But here's a trick you may not have considered.

Add extra flavor to grains with tea-infused cooking liquid.

A lightly brewed green tea can add a rich, earthy flavor to jasmine rice or quinoa. Cooking Light recommends using Lapsang souchong, "smoky black tea," to enhance nuttier grains like bulgur or barley. You might even want to try a chai tea to spice things up or a floral tea for an elegant upgrade.

We've got nothing against plain grains here, but sometimes you need to spruce dinner up a bit. The subtle flavor tea imparts can be just enough to turn a ho-hum rice bowl into something layered and complex. So go crazy and experiment with your favorite tea-and-grain combinations. Dinner just turned into a tea party.