Alton Brown's 'Good Eats' Is Returning

Get ready to be schooled in the kitchen

Food nerd fans, good news: Alton Brown is bringing back his beloved and much-missed Good Eats, well, almost. Brown is going to launch an online cooking show called, literally, A Cooking Show, which he says is "essentially a sequel to Good Eats." His 14-season show has been off the air for five seasons while Brown worked on other projects like Cutthroat Kitchen, which he is now officially done with, he revealed recently during a Facebook Live video stream.

The show will be entirely online, because, as Brown says, he wants freedom. "Freedom to do what I want and say what I want and work with the food I want." For Brown, that includes rabbit, offal, venison and some other foods that were considered taboo when he was making the show for Food Network. He's also taking requests from fans to do shows on topics like pork "done right" and steak. Not to worry, he says, there will also be episodes dedicated to non-meaty issues.

Brown will be exceptionally busy. His show Eat Your Science is headed to Broadway soon, and he's also working on a late-night variety talk show for Food Network. So, fans, you'll be able to get your fix one way or another.