What To Do With Leftover Popcorn

Your favorite snack gets a makeover

It's easy to go overboard popping popcorn for movie night but instead of tossing leftovers in the trash, transform that buttery snack into something delicious and unexpected. Here are five ways to use your leftover popcorn that'll make you snap, crackle and, er, pop with delight.

① Popcorn Balls

Popcorn and marshmallows are the perfect match in this recipe from Martha Stewart. These make a festive dessert for last-minute parties.

② Truffles

Similar to popcorn balls, these popcorn truffles are balls of fun. Mixed with oats and peanut butter and then dipped in chocolate, Keepin' It Kind's truffles transform leftover popcorn into something original.

③ Fun Party Mix

Leftover popcorn is a snooze fest by itself, so why not add a little spice to the mix. Popcorn gets a smoky and salty makeover with the addition of Worcestershire sauce, cayenne and pecans in this recipe from Tasting Table.

④ Granola Bars

Who said you can't have popcorn when you roll out of bed? Leftovers are turned into breakfast or a snack in Half Baked Harvest's recipe for dark chocolate cappuccino popcorn granola bars.

⑤ Popcorn Ice Cream

If you've never given popcorn ice cream a try, here's your chance. The Kitchn shares its recipe for a buttery popcorn ice cream that hits all the right notes of salty and sweet.