Best Recipes Of 2016

Welcome to the Tasting Table recipe hall of fame

All year long, our editors work tirelessly to bring you the best recipes from top chefs all over the country. Countless hours are spent in the kitchen testing, creating and, yes, tasting new recipes, so we can give you the most delicious dishes on the Internet.

And while we love all of the recipes coming out of the Tasting Table Kitchen, there are always a few that hold a special place in our hearts. To give you a peek at what'll be stuck in our minds in 2017, we asked our editors to share their favorite recipes from this year. Fair warning: They run the gamut.

Jane Frye, Managing Editor - Migas Breakfast Tacos

"You can't go wrong with breakfast tacos, no matter the time of year. And this recipe, developed by our food editor, Jake Cohen, exceeded expectations. They're my go-to for any weekend brunch at home."

Alison Spiegel, Senior Writer - Golden Milk Vegan Ice Cream

"I'm an ice cream freak, so when I tasted this ginger- and turmeric-laced coconut milk ice cream, I was floored. It was just as good, or even better, than the thousands of pints I've consumed in my lifetime. You live; you learn; you eat more ice cream."

Jake Cohen, Food Editor - Chicken and Kidney Bean Stew

"When I started dating a Persian, I quickly made it my mission to dive into the realm of Persian cuisine. Of this culinary journey, my favorite dish was ghormeh sabzi, a stew of herbs and kidney beans perfumed with dried fenugreek and Omani limes. I had the pleasure of developing this recipe, replacing the traditional veal or beef with chicken to make it a quick and easy weeknight meal."

Kristina Preka, Associate Food Editor - Moroccan Linguini

"Here's the thing: I usually hate one-pot pasta dishes. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I can happily and willingly eat my words in the form of this amazing one-pot pasta dish loaded with incredible flavors and spices like ginger, turmeric and cumin. It has a rich sauce as the stock and starches reduce, and last but not least, the textures of al dente pasta, freekeh and nutty chickpeas go together beautifully."

Bailey Bennett, Social Media Editor - Sheet Tray Spatchcocked Chicken, Mushrooms and Kale

"I'm a sucker for a sheet pan recipe (because I'm in my 20s, have a small Brooklyn kitchen, and my dishwasher has never worked), but this one has to be my all-time favorite. I feel like I'm doing something culinarily sufficient when spatchcocking the bird, and it cooks so quickly! Plus, the kale and mushrooms become bright, lemony and pleasantly shriveled in the oven, which I adore."

Abby Reisner, Assistant Editor - Avocado-Miso Ramen

"I'm not a soup person. Unless it's ice cream, I'd rather chew my calories. But between the soy sauce-slicked seared tofu, crunchy peppers and avocado slices, this surprisingly light ramen has me converted."

Delia Mooney, Editorial Assistant - Ina Garten's Maple-Roasted Carrot Salad

"This is hands down one of the most delicious salads I've ever had. We've already made it three times for family parties, and the plate was left empty every time! There's nothing Ina can't do."

Meredith Heil, Editor - Chicken Potpie

"I'm the kind of person who preps for hibernation at the first sign of winter. I pile on the layers, load up on blankets, cue up the Netflix and, most importantly, cook up some good ol' fashioned, rib-sticking comfort food. That's where this delicious recipe comes in—gooey and rich with a flaky crust, it's the perfect antidote to dreadful weather."

Devra Ferst, Senior Editor - Fried Brussels Sprout Salad

"This recipe hits all the right notes: spicy, zippy, crunchy and savory. It's my new favorite dinner party side. Pair it with roast chicken and wine, and call it a day."

Emily Saladino, Senior Editor - Warm Chicken Salad

"As a mayonnaise lover, I was skeptical of this mayo-free version. But this is bright and fresh and far less likely to stain a sundress."

Rachel Vanni, Assistant Photo Editor - General Tso's Cauliflower

"At first glance, you'd never expect this dish to be cauliflower! There's so much flavor, and the cauliflower is so satisfying that I daresay I won't be eating another chicken version anytime soon."