5 Tasty Leftover Candy Cane Ideas

Christmas has come and gone, and let us guess ... you're probably still stuck with at least two packages of leftover candy canes. Instead of throwing them out or stashing them with the Christmas decorations (only to find a surprise next year), turn them into something delicious you'll actually want to enjoy.

Here are five ways to put leftover candy canes to good use. 

Peppermint bark

At this point, you've probably overdosed on cookies. But since it is still the holiday season, make one last festive treat like this easy three-ingredient peppermint bark.

Peppermint hot chocolate

Add a kick to your hot chocolate by slipping a few pieces of crushed-up candy canes into your cup. Check out Ina Garten's recipe for peppermint hot chocolate.

Ice cream sandwiches rolled in crushed candy canes

The best way to use leftover Christmas cookies is to turn them into ice cream sandwiches. Put a scoop of ice cream between two cookies and roll the rim in crushed candy canes like in this recipe from Delish.

Peppermint truffles

Turn those leftover candy canes into delicious small bites with this recipe for chocolate truffles topped with crushed candy canes from Butter with a Side of Bread.

Peppermint puppy chow

If you've never made puppy chow before, you don't know what you're missing. It's cereal coated with chocolate and powdered sugar, and isn't actually for pets. This version from Sally's Baking Addiction is mixed with crushed leftover candy canes.