How To Make Fruitcake Ice Cream Sandwiches Video

They're real and they're fabulous

Fruitcake tends to be ridiculed throughout the holiday season because of its neon-colored candied fruits, and incredibly dense and not very delicious nature. However, that sturdy texture makes fruitcake the perfect base for a winterized ice cream sandwich. Here, we make sandwiches using our new favorite loaf (revamped with nutty buckwheat flour and rum-soaked dried fruits; see the recipe). But this will work just as well if you are stuck with a few of those overnight-delivered versions. Either way, we promise this will make you learn to see fruitcake in a whole new light.

To make the sandwiches, mix together softened butter pecan and rum raisin ice creams, and spread the mixture in an even layer across a quarter sheet pan lined with parchment paper, then freeze until solid.

Meanwhile, cut leftover fruitcake into ½-inch slices.

Once the ice cream sheet has hardened, remove from the pan and, using a slice of fruitcake as a guide, slice the ice cream into even rectangles. Place each piece of ice cream onto one slice of fruitcake, top with another slice and serve.

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