Best Deals On Holiday Cooking Gifts

We're entering the last-chance kitchen

All December long, we're bringing you the recipes, tips and tricks you need to Feast your way through the holidays, no matter how you celebrate the season.

There are two types of people in the world: those who already have all their presents neatly wrapped and under the tree for December 25, and those need to be reminded December 25 is about a week away.

While you scramble to remember how to wrap a present, we've saved you some time by gathering some of the best gifts on sale for the kitchen enthusiasts on your list.

① Crux 4-Slice Toaster for $54

This Cadillac of toasters includes six browning settings, a slide-out crumb tray for easy cleaning, and even specific functions for bagels and gluten-free breads.

② Baked for Santa Cookie Stamp for $4

If only all of us could have a personalized cookie monogram.

③ The Food Lab for $30

We love J. Kenji López-Alt's multi-award-winning encyclopedia on better home cooking through science. This venerable classic is perfect for the serious cook. (Seriously, it's more than 900 pages.)

④ Vitamix 300 for $479

Prized and coveted by home cooks and restaurant chefs alike, a Vitamix is the grand dame of blenders. Its blades spin up to 240 miles per hour, making short work of purées and soups. 

⑤ KitchenAid® Nespresso Espresso Maker for $300

With a facade that matches its eponymous stand mixer, KitchenAid's espresso machine promotes serious coffee street cred. Only you have to know that it actually uses Nespresso pods.

⑥ Perfect - Drink PRO Smart Scale for $70

Skip bartending class and use this smart scale, which connects to your phone and tells you when to stop pouring liquor, for mixing more responsible balanced cocktails.

⑦ Digital Cooking Thermometer for $15

Few of us can prod a steak and declare it's a perfect medium rare, so we'll do the next best thing: Prod our steak and then stick in this thermometer when no one's looking.

⑧ Shun Hiro 5 1/2" Santoku Knife for $150

We've always lusted after Shun Hiro's beautiful craftsmanship, and now you can get its versatile and striking Santoku knife for more than half off. Chopping onions will become so fun you'll cry tears of joy instead.

⑨ Cuisinart 3 Speed Hand Mixer for $30

Every apartment dweller who can't fit a full-sized stand mixer in their tiny kitchen will love this.

⑩ Emile Henry Modern Classics Oval Baker for $40

This durable and stylish dish can go straight from oven to table to fridge to microwave, meaning it's perfect for people who can't bother with transferring leftovers to Tupperware containers.