Get Ready For Pickle Soup

Yes, really

This year, more so than most, the food section of the Internet can't seem to get enough pickles, from ways to use up leftover pickle juice (our favorite use is pickle bread) to pickle boards and wacky ferments. The latest pickle dish to catch on is a recipe for pickle soup. The soup in question, which has potatoes, carrots, chicken stock, sour cream and pickles in it, comes from Cathy Pollak, the woman behind food website Noble Pig.

A video of the soup has racked up 15 million views and a whopping 45,000 comments ranging from "The best!!! Made it for dinner this week! AGAIN! We love this soup!" to "I don't know how I feel about this." 

Pollack tells TODAY Food, "It took on a life of its own mostly because people are either in love with the idea (pickle lovers) or they are disgusted with the idea."

While the idea of pickles in soup may seem strange or novel to some, the dish is a classic in Poland called zupa ogórkowa, and a similar soup is popular in Ukraine and Russia. Here's how to make it.