'Modernist Cuisine' 2017 Calendars

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It's time to deck the halls (and bedroom, and kitchen) with boughs of ciabatta in the form of two new all-food-everything calendars.

The photographers of the stunning, massive Modernist Cuisine have put together two calendars of the same name for 2017. One doubles as a preview for their upcoming Modernist Bread, and another includes photos of everything from latte art to iridescent fish. Both offer behind-the-scenes looks at the nitty-gritty details of cooking—and help you organize upcoming restaurant plans.

Photos from the bread-centric calendar range from a zoomed-in shot of ciabatta with an open crumb so vast you'll feel lost in a carb cavern to injera so porous it seems ready for acupuncture. In another month, a series of eight cross sections show "the molecular chaos" that happens as bread goes from dough to table.

The calendars also advertise the ever-growing list of food holidays, but you won't roll your eyes at World Nutella Day when it means you get to look at a photo of chocolate-swirled bread. Each month, you'll find blurbs dishing out secrets, like the fact that it took 20 tries (and as many bagels) to get the money shot of a bagel being dropped into water.

Those who prefer a broader culinary focus can go for the standard Modernist Cuisine calendar, which opens with a helpful guide to the seasonality of mushrooms, vegetables, fruits and seafood. It also features intense ingredient close-ups, composite photos and, of course, food wizard Nathan Myhrvold's iconic cutaway images.

These calendars are mere appetizers compared to the upcoming release, Modernist Bread, a 2,300-page tome of gluten that's been in the works for years and contains four pounds of ink. If you already know you want to buy the May release, we suggest you preorder it now: You'll get $15 off, which is the price of a calendar.