Stunning Wine Bottle Stoppers

Crystal trumps cork any day of the week

Some people actually don't down a bottle of wine in one go. (Crazy, right?) If you're the type to savor a bottle through the night (or beyond), you need to preserve it with a wine stopper. Impress your guests with these bright and colorful creations from designer Anna Rabinowicz.

Each stopper is one of a kind and made of hand-polished stones and handcrafted glass. These beautiful pieces make the perfect hostess gift or will add an instant upgrade and touch of elegance to your home bar. Just be prepared to not end the night stone-cold sober.

Rabinowicz, known for turning precious materials and gems such as agate and crystal into gorgeous products, sells a host of stylish pieces for entertaining, including Aleotto napkin rings and an Amare serving set.