The Best Amazon Dash Food Buttons

These Amazon Dash Buttons mean you'll never run out of Pop-Tarts or Cheez-Its again

For those among us who occasionally forget to refill their secret junk food stockpiles, Amazon is here (once again) to save the day.

Straddling the line between ingenious and absurd, the Amazon Dash Button is a Wi-Fi-enabled device that enables you, the hungry hermit, to order Pop-Tarts, Cheez-Its and other Amazon products with the click of a branded button. Simply attach the button anywhere you find convenient, such as your kitchen counter or nightstand, and use Amazon's mobile app to link the Dash Button to both your home Wi-Fi network and specified snack. The next time you reach for the penultimate pouch of Pop-Tarts, a push of your Dash Button will add a new order to your cart and ship by the end of the day. You'll get a notification on your phone before the final product ships, too, so you won't find yourself with 20 pounds of snack food on accident (not that that's a bad thing).

While Amazon's Dash Button options include common household supplies and beauty products, we've included some of our favorite snacks below to help aid in the ever-pressing fight against the afternoon munchies.

① Hershey's Variety Pack

The hard part isn't whether you want to push the button, it's whether you should order an 18- or 30-pack of candy bars.

② Cheez-Its

The Dash Button puts nine different varieties of the cheesy cracker at the disposal of your all-powerful pointer finger.

③ Clif Bars

If you're looking for something a little more virtuous, Clif Bar offers a variety of energy bars, protein bars and sports supplements.

④ Pop-Tarts

We all know brown sugar cinnamon is the best Pop-Tart flavor, but Amazon kindly offers 11 other options of the toaster pastry, just in case.

⑤ Swanson Broth & Stock

OK, so this one's not a snack, but broth is an utterly convenient pantry staple we're always in need of in the kitchen.