Check Out The Will Ferrell Pop-Up Bar

Stay classy, folks

The holiday season is here, and even when it's tempting to drink five glasses of eggnog at your in-laws' or down martinis at the office holiday party, channel Ron Burgundy and stay classy.

The Anchorman's motto is the name of a new Will Ferrell-themed pop-up bar opening next Monday in Los Angeles. While the Elf himself isn't involved in the bar, the team behind it plans to deck the walls with paraphernalia from Ferrell movies, Eater LA reports. They likely have some on hand; last year, the team hosted the pop-up in New York City.

Besides the decorations, fans can expect punny drinks, like a Mugatu Mule and a Milk Was a Bad Choice, which were on the menu last year. A percentage of the proceeds from those drinks and merchandise from the pop-up will go toward Ferrell's charity, Cancer for College, which helps individuals who are impacted by cancer attend college.

Ferrell is an Angeleno, so one can only hope he'll make an appearance at the bar, but the team isn't making promises. Those who want to get into the 10-day pop-up, which is at the TCL Chinese 6 Theater, should text the word classy to 929-291-0337 and dig out that burgundy blazer from the back of the closet.