A Cocktail For Every Holiday Scenario

The drink recipes you need to make precious family time just a little bit easier to swallow

All December long, we're bringing you the recipes, tips and tricks you need to Feast your way through the holidays, no matter how you celebrate the season.

Ahh, the holidays. The time of year that once meant gingerbread cookies, Christmas music and fervent gift opening now spells the dread of expensive travel, weeks of searching for the right gift and fear of stressful family gatherings. Still, there are a few festive perks.

Enter your favorite holiday libations. Although you can never go wrong with a glass of wine or spiked eggnog, there are some holiday scenarios that just require a bit more. We've compiled our favorite cocktail recipes to help you get through it all (and maybe even enjoy the holidays along the way.)

① When your 23-year-old sister announces she's engaged to a banker (and the rock on her finger could be considered a deadly weapon), try the American 25: fruity and festive, but with the touch of the smoky Scotch you need.

② When your uncle's grumpy and gearing up for a confrontation with his outspoken ex-wife, sit him down in an armchair and distract him with a classic Irish coffee.

③ When talk of the 2016 election seeps into dinner table conversation, the cousins start taking sides and readying their debate faces, and yelling ensues, settle everyone down with a large pot of glögg, the festive mulled wine that blurs party lines.

④ When Mom/Dad/Grandma won't stop asking questions about your acting career/love life/savings account, this pumpkin spice mai tai has all the answers.

⑤ When your college friends are all home for the holidays for one night only, the festivities call for a thoroughly immature beverage. Enter homemade Fireball—and group shots.

⑥ When your sister-in-law announces she's pregnant, a special toast is in order (for everyone else in the family, that is). This winter spice punch will fill everyone's glass with cheer and get Mom's tears flowing harder than they already are.

⑦ When your favorite child comes home from college with a large new tattoo and/or eyebrow piercing, try a Long Thailand Iced Tea. Trust us.

⑧ When A Christmas Story is on TV, music is blasting and the lights from the tree are giving you that twinkling feeling, it's time for frozen Mexican hot chocolate for all. 

⑨ When Dad pulls you aside to let you know he's really missed you, a smoky mescal Negroni is in order. Two glasses, please.