Thanksgiving By The Numbers

Get ready to impress your family with stats about pie

Millions of people will soon sit down at tables heaped with turkey, cranberry sauce, pies and other fixings. But how many birds and boxes of stuffing does it take to make the holiday meal happen all over the country? Here's a look at the holiday by the numbers. Oh, and not sure what to say to Great Aunt Ethel when she asks about your love life? These might come in handy.

It's a Bird

Friends and families across the country will eat approximately 46 million turkeys on Thanksgiving.

Getting There

TSA estimates 27.3 million people will travel for the holiday.

Hotline Help

Butterball's turkey hotline is the stuff of legend (and West Wing episodes). The call center receives approximately 100,000 questions in November and December every year, and this year, people can send questions via text message.

The Right Stuffin'

While there's no shortage of stuffing recipes out there, Stove Top sells 31 million boxes of its signature recipe around the holiday, which makes 50 million pounds of stuffing. That's the weight of approximately 15,000 cars.

Something Juicy

Ocean Spray sells approximately 70 million cans of cranberry sauce the stuff around the holiday.

Pie Time

Thanksgiving isn't complete without pie. Whole Foods sells about 2 million of them during the month of November, which works out to about 65,000 pies every day.

Back in the Day

The first Thanksgiving had 143 guests, including 53 colonialists and 90 members of the Wampanoag tribe.

March to the Beat

This year, the 90th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will feature 43 giant balloons, 26 floats and more than 1,000 clowns.

The Next Morning

It really is all about the leftovers. In a survey, 79 percent of Americans said leftovers take top billing over the main meal.