How To Have A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

Because everyone deserves stuffing and gravy

Thanksgiving is around the corner which means it's officially Time to Celebrate. All month long we're bringing you recipes, tips, tricks and stories that are equal parts memorable and delicious.

When it comes to living with food allergies, the holidays can be a rough ride, especially since most traditions revolve around food. And if you haven't always had food allergies, it can be a tough adjustment when you find out that Grandma's famous stuffing and pumpkin pie are off-limits. Plus, even if you don't have celiac disease or practice a gluten or dairy-free diet, it's likely someone sitting around your table does.

But there's good news ahead. Simple substitutions and alternative ingredients can allow you to make and enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Here are a few easy swaps so everyone can enjoy themselves.

① Make an alternative crunchy topping for green bean casserole.

While there are more gluten-free crispy onion options available these days, skip the store-bought stuff and make a crispy topping at home. In her new cookbook, Celebrations, Danielle Walker suggests panfrying shallots until golden brown in palm shortening. Another crunchy substitution could be toasted nuts (if no one has a nut allergy) or roasted chickpeas.

② Thicken your classic gravy in a different way.

The Thanksgiving feast wouldn't be the same without rich, homemade gravy drizzled over your turkey. Instead of thickening it with AP flour, substitute with other gluten-free flours (such as rice flour), arrowroot or cornstarch. Or you can take some of the cooked vegetables you placed around your turkey (or cook them separate on their own) and purėe them in a food processor or blender to thicken your gravy.

③ Give in to (good!) store-bought crusts.

If you aren't comfortable making a gluten-free (or dairy- or nut-free) crust from scratch, there are many store-bought products that will do the trick. Stellar options include Bob's Red Mill and Cup4Cup.

④ Make vegetables the star.

Since vegetables are naturally gluten free, double down on the healthy stuff and fill the table with plates of sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts and carrots.

⑤ Don't skip the stuffing.

Gluten-free bread or corn bread can easily be swapped in for any stuffing recipe, but deciding which brand to buy or recipe to make can be the hardest part. A couple of store-bought brands we recommend are La Brea Bakery and Canyon Bakehouse.