Make Seared Duck Breast With 'Platelist'

It's not as hard as you think, and a lot more fun

Meat-based dinners call for certain components: protein, side and sauce—a perfectly balanced three-act play. Now you can turn that play into a musical with the help of Platelist, a podcast featuring a different band every week that gives viewers a first listen to their music while they cook a meal to go with it.

This week, Brooklyn blues- and funk-inspired rock band Spirit Animal is showing you how to prepare an unbeatable seared duck breast, all while listening to great tunes (and enjoying some wine, of course). Duck can be intimidating, but it's way simpler than it, ahem, sounds. Watch the teaser above, then catch the podcast to learn how to make a three-component meal that'll call for a standing ovation.

Listen to the full podcast here.